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    Thanks for checking out our sizing guide before ordering! We will include as much information on here as possible to help you get the size you need. Please note that our sizing guide is only helpful if you have an accurate measurement. Please make sure to get an exact measurement of your child’s from heel to toe before proceeding.


    To get an accurate measurement of your child’s foot:

    1) Place a piece of paper under your child’s foot 

    2) Make a mark where the heel rests on the paper and at the top of their longest toe.

    3) Repeat this step with the other foot. (Oftentimes, one foot is longer than the other, we recommend basing your sizing off the longer foot’s measurement.)

    4) Take a ruler and measure the length of the two points. Make sure it's a precise measurement.


    Great! Now, let’s say, for example, your child’s foot measured 6.5", you can now find that measurement on our size chart below. Beside it, is the recommended shoe size for that size of foot!



    According to our size chart we would recommend a size 27 (US 10) and approximately 0.5’’ of growth room is already accounted for in that recommendation!


    This is a picture of a size 10 sole measured. As you can see, if the big toe reaches 6.5’’, your child’s foot will have approximately 0.5’’ of growth room to reach the 7’’ mark (the highest point of the sole the big toe can rest on).


     FAQ About Sizing

    Can I round up or round down my measurement?
    It is very important to get an exact measurement and not to round up or down. If your child's foot is a little over the recommend foot size for that size, they are going to have less growth room and the length may be too small, if it is under, the shoe will be too big. 


    I measured my child’s foot, but your size chart suggests a size that is much bigger/smaller than what they normally would wear, is that normal?

    We follow a standard sizing chart and all of our shoes fit pretty true to size. If the measurement you got suggests a size that is much bigger or much smaller than what your child would normally wear, please re-measure and check again. 



    Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! As always, if you are in doubt, we are happy to help with any sizing questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us at and we will do our best to help!

    **Please note on release days we receive a high volume of emails and messages about sizing. To ensure you get your email answered before they are released, e-mail us a few days in advance with your questions so you're ready to shop!**