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    Adelisa & Co's First Scholarship!

    One of the things I’ve been passionate about since first moving to Nicaragua 7 years ago is supporting education. While working closely with the people here, I’ve seen so many families pull their children out of school because of lack of funds for supplies, or the need for extra working hands in the house. Without an education, the average labourer makes less than $7 a day making it so hard for families to break out of this cycle of poverty.

    Supporting education through scholarships is one way we can help make a difference and I'm so excited that this year Adelisa & Co. will officially be supporting a young university student named Aaron. You can read more below about where Aaron comes from and how he plans to use to education to help others!


    We met Aaron earlier this year at an outreach for university students we run at our local church. Aaron is from the remote indigenous community of Amak in the north of Nicaragua and just finished up his first year of studies. In July, he invited my husband and 10 others to come and stay in the village where he’s from. They travelled for 8 hours in car and then rode upriver in a small canoe for 7 hours to reach the humble village of Amak.

    The village of Amak is only accessible by boat and has a population of around 600 people.

    While visiting with Aaron’s family there, we learned that most young people in Amak don’t finish school. The few that do and are lucky enough to receive scholarships are usually forced to return home after their first year because their families can’t afford their living costs. Aaron’s mom was working hard to support him but said that some months she had nothing to send and was doubtful he could continue on.

    Children from the village enjoying a game of soccer in the rain

    Aaron pictured on the left

    Aaron’s dream is to use his business management degree to support the development of his village and to help other young people in their studies as well. With your continued support, we will be helping Aaron get all the resources he needs to be able to finish his degree and achieve this goal. 

    So thank you all once again, we are continually humbled by your support and are honoured to witness firsthand how your purchases are helping change the lives of others. 

    Allison & Rachel, Xx


    Helping a Stay at Home Mom Work From Home

            We just wanted to pop on here and share a little more about our most recent donation. You may have noticed that lately we've been doing a  lot of projects on houses. One reason for this is that we want to make sure our donations have a long term impact, benefitting families for years to come.

    We hope you enjoy reading below, about how a small addition on a home helped a work-at-home mom continue to support her family!


            We have known the Ruiz family for over 10 years. Jessica and I had our first baby girls within a year of each other and have been close friends ever since. She is an amazing mom who has fought for her baby girl since she the day she was born. With an undiagnosed disability and many health problems, they have spent so much time and precious resources on doctors and therapy appointments. 

            Because their little girl was getting sick so much, the doctors recommended they do everything they could to make sure her living conditions were the best they could be. They worked hard, saved up and built their own little two bedroom home last year, however, they weren't able to fully complete it.

            Jessica bakes cakes to support her family and up until this point she has had to do it in a family member's house because they still didn't have a proper cooking space. With donations from your purchases, we were able to help them add a kitchen to their home. This addition will allow her to work right from home while still being able to care for toddler and newborn.


         The beginning stages               

    A peek inside during construction

    Almost finished!

            There are so many aspects of this business that we love, but this is our favourite. Having all you amazing moms supporting our shop makes us feel like we have the best team behind us and we love that we are moms teaming up together to help other moms, so thank you so much for your continued support!

    Rachel & Allison, Xx

    The Story Behind Our Boots

    The Story Behind Our Boots

            We recently had the honour of working with Megan Osburn who took these dreamy pictures featuring our Paseo and Ticuantepe leather boots. We are still blown away by your response to them and wanted to share a little bit of the story behind these gorgeous boots!
            When we opened up shop last year, we had 6 original sandal designs and had found one young, talented artisan in Nicaragua who agreed to make them for us. Our artisan had just quit his full time job at a shoe factory with hopes of working independently, so he could earn more to support his family. The response to our sandals in our first season in business was above and beyond what we could have imagined, and what started out as just a side job for him, quickly turned into the full time work he had hoped for. When summer started to end, we knew we had to come up with an idea to keep giving him business during the winter months. You can imagine living in Nicaragua's year round hot climate, boots are not a common occurrence, so when we explained what we had in mind and asked him to make two different styles of a shoe he had never even seen before....we were completely blown away with the results! He had created the most beautiful and timeless children's boots.


            Because of the overwhelming response to our boots, not only was there enough work for our one artisan this winter, he was able to hire on several more cobblers to help him, providing more work for more families. It has been so amazing for us to see all your little ones enjoying these boots this fall and winter season. We say this a lot, but we are so thankful for you all and we wanted to share how you are all directly impacting so many lives by choosing to shop small with us. We can't wait to show you what Spring has in store! 

    Rachel & Allison, Xx


    Photo credit: Megan Osburn Photography.
     Dark Green dress: @aliceandames

    Orange/green floral bow: @maisielovesnory
    Blush and floral dress: @pineandhoneyhandmade
    bow: @redroverkids
    moccasins: @starryknightdesign
    boys clothes: @ryleeandcru

    goodbye dirt floor, hello cement! {May-August 2016 Donations}

    goodbye dirt floor, hello cement! {May-August 2016 Donations}

    Our August donation was a special one for us as Rachel’s family and a friend were able to fly down to Nicaragua to help lay a floor for a young family who live in the small, rural community of El Valle.  The Palacios family have lived in homes with dirt floors their entire lives, and while donating a cement floor may not seem like much when there are so many other practical needs around, it can greatly improve the quality of living for a family- especially a family like the Palacios who have two young children in their home.  We have witnessed first hand the health risks that living with dirt floors can pose for young children and knew that this could be a significant change in the quality of life for this family as their two year old boy was constantly battling sicknesses related to living in a home without proper flooring.

    Apart from the fact that a cement floor allows for more comfortable living, it also significantly reduces the health risks caused by living with a dirt floor.  Children who live in homes with dirt floors are more susceptible to sicknesses like parasites, anemia, and diarrhea and are more likely to have cognitive delays because they are constantly sick.  In Mexico, a UC Berkeley and World Bank study showed that replacing a dirt floor with a cement floor reduced incidence of diarrhea by 49% and parasitic infections by 78%- that’s huge!  Yet 45% families in Nicaragua still live in homes with dirt floors, and installing a cement floor is financially out of reach for them.  That means 45% of families in Nicaragua live daily in a home that poses a risk to their own health and the health of their children.

    As mamas, we can not imagine what this must be like and we are so thankful that we were able to make a difference in the life of at least one of these families with your help, and we hope to do so for many more!

    Mr. Palacios taking the first steps across his new cement floor.

    We forced some of the hard workers to pause for a picture.

    Thank you all again for your support- it really means the world to us and to these families!

    xX, Allison & Rachel


    small shop baby gift guide

    small shop baby gift guide

    The holidays are upon us and we wanted to share a little round up of our absolute favourite mama and baby gifts. We both own these items, love them and think they would make the perfect gifts for any mama or little one!

    Fawn Design Bag - These beautiful bags were designed by Jenny Wrecker, a mama in her 20's who has 2, sweet little girls. She started her company in 2014 and originally sewed each bag by hand! With a design this amazing and the demand so high, her husband soon joined the business and they started having them manufactured. If you were ever to be inspired by a small shop owner, she would be at the top of your list!Fawn Design Diaper BagFeatures we love:

    • They are 100% faux leather making them SO easy to clean (even inside the pockets!)
    • There is a backpack option, which is great all the time but absolutely necessary when you are baby wearing
    • They are the perfect size (big but not TOO big)
    • They don't look like a diaper bag! I've gone on vacation without my kids and this is still my go-to carry on bag


    Gathre - Mare & Jess started their company a couple years ago and make bonded leather mats in various sizes that fit all of your needs! Whether it's for changing a diaper on the go, wanting a mat under your high chair to catch all the food your little throws off their plate (or is it only my kids ;)?), or a mat for the park, beach, picnic, etc. Gathre's mats have you covered!

    Gathre Bonded Leather Mat

    Features we love:

    • They fold up SO small- even the bigger styles fold and fit in your bag so nicely
    • They wipe clean with ease... from explosive diapers, to dirty sand or spilled dinner, you don't worry about having to throw them in the wash- just wipe them down and they are good to go!
    • Again, they are an item that doesn't scream baby. We love our kids, but we don't necessarily want to be overrun with graphic tees and disney characters on everything we own 


    Semilla Handmade - Ashley, a friend of ours from Vancouver started this company a couple years ago and every picture she posts of her dolls has us swooning! She makes each one by hand and adds so many beautiful details like amazing knit hair, one of a kind outfits, floral crowns, and flower pressed wings (made from flowers her kids collect during their walks together).

    Semilla Handmade Dolls

    Features we love:

    • Although they not recommended for children under 3, they make gorgeous nursery decor in the meantime
    • They are a beautiful keepsake to pass down through the generations
    • Each one is unique and you can even order a custom made doll with your choice of hair, fabric, clothing, etc.
    • Basically you won't find a more beautiful doll in the entire world - so need I say more?!


    Tnee's Tpees - There is not much I love more in my house than kid's toys that look more like decor than a toy! Courtney's kids were building forts out of blankets and chairs and taking them down all the time - so she designed a teepee that her kids could play in and would be pretty enough to leave up at all times!

    Tnee's Tpees Teepee

    Features we love:

    • They are beautiful and add to our house decor
    • They are easy to set up and take down if necessary
    • Our kids absolutely LOVE playing in them
    • I'm a neutral girl so I love this one pictured above, but Courtney has so many beautiful patterns and colors on her site to chose from!


    Adelisa & Co. - We started our shop in 2016 and our macrame swings go along perfectly with our love of neutrals and beautiful items for kids. They are the perfect addition to any nursery, living room, kitchen, porch, back yard, etc. Our swings can be used by babies from the time they can support their own weight and they hold up to 55lbs.

    Macrame Baby Hammock Swing

    Features we love:

    • They are handmade by talented artisans in Nicaragua
    • They are a beautiful cream, cotton macrame
    • Babies and littles of all ages can enjoy them! From the time they can support their own necks up to 55lbs. My 18 month old and 3 year old both LOVE using our swing!
    • Indoor swing option? yes please!


    Wildbird -  I first heard about ring slings when my second girl was 4 months old and I've been hooked ever since. Tayler started Wildbird after her first baby was born to provide mamas with affordable and beautiful ring slings.

    Wildbird Ring Sling Chickadee

    Features we love:

    • They are so easy to put on and take off (especially handy when you don't have anyone to help you buckle up!)
    • They are 100% linen
    • They hold up to 35lbs
    • They are small enough to fit in diaper bags with ease
    • Again, as with everything above, they don't look like they are only for babies. We love having functional baby items that fit our style and Tayler is always coming out with new colors that always have us wanting more!


    This is not a sponsored post. We truly love each of these items and their makers, use everything in our daily lives and really just wanted to share our top gift ideas with you!

    Please show these small shops some love this Christmas season! They are all super hard working mamas and by shopping small you are supporting their families directly. 

    Small Shop Gift Guide by Adelisa & Co.